What to pack
for your chartered sailing holiday

What to pack
for your chartered sailing holiday

Packing list

A sailing holiday on a crewed yacht is one of the most relaxing types of holiday you can have. No need for packing and checking in and out of hotels every few days as you move to another to location. The yacht is your mobile floating villa.

To ensure you have everything you need for the trip here are a few hints and tips to enjoy your time on the yacht.

Less is more

You will spend most of the time in sunny and warm weather so a couple of swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts and a few evening outfits will be plenty. Space on a yacht is limited so leave the high heels and expensive jewelry at home.

The list
  • Passport and visa
  • Tickets
  • Bank cards - ATM, credit
  • Phone and charger
  • Music iPod/MP3 player
  • Soft-soled shoes with non-marking soles and good grip for on the yacht
  • Sandals or flip-flops for the beach or strolling in town
  • Walking shoes or sandals for hiking
  • Soft bags like a backpack or duffle bag is easier to fit in closets and cabinets than hard suitcases
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Wide brimmed hat or cap
  • Lightweight clothes. Dresses, tank tops, shorts
  • Women - Two dresses, two pairs of shorts, three T-shirts/tank tops
  • Men - Five T-shirts/tank tops, three pairs of shorts


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